Jacob Messing

Program Coordinator

Jacob earned his Master of Education Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Wayne State University of Detroit, MI. Jacob began working with CHAMPIONS in January, 2021 and became a Program Coordinator in the spring of 2021. Jacob’s responsibilities include coach selection, preparation, and oversight, in addition to day-to-day management of the program.

Adam Faurot


Adam Faurot has over two decades of experience in Human Performance Optimization Solutions following his professional baseball playing career with the Milwaukee Brewers and Boston Red Sox organizations. Adam has been instrumental in leading TITUS Human Performance Solutions as the Co-Founder and CEO since its inception in 2001. Adam has driven elite performance training for youth, Olympian and professional athletes and scaled this methodology and outcomes-based approach to population health, public safety and the United States military’s Human Asset Optimization efforts.

Liz McIntosh

Program Coordinator

Liz graduated from Florida State University with a major in Family and Child Sciences. She started working for Titus Sports Academy in fall 2008 as a CHAMPIONS Coach and became a Coordinator for the program in 2010. Liz’s roles and responsibilities include program oversight, evaluating and providing feedback to coaches, communicating with administration, managing payroll, and helping to expand the program into other counties and states.

Jennifer Ace

SPEAR Management

Jennifer Ace graduated in 2008 from FSU with a BS in Exercise Science and in 2012 with a MS in Kinesiology. Jennifer started working with CHAMPIONS in her last semester of undergrad as a Coach in Leon and Wakulla counties. She quickly moved up to work as a Team Leader and eventually a Team Coordinator in 2010. Her current responsibilities include program expansion and technology development.

Jim Rauschenbach, Ph.D.

Curriculum Management

Jim Rauschenbach, Ph.D. is currently on the faculty in the Exercise Science Department at Southern Connecticut State University. He is a Physical Education Teacher Educator. Jim has been preparing physical educators for the past 15 years in four different states and has taught at the public school level himself for over 12 years. Known for his innovations and creativity, Jim has presented curricular innovations in the areas of fitness and skill development over 40 times at the state, regional and national level and has published numerous journal articles on these topics. His interests range from homemade physical education and fitness equipment, to cooperative challenges, games creation, adventure education, teacher preparation and, most importantly, youth fitness. Jim is an avid hiker, recumbent cyclist and kayaker. To stay in shape, he has been a lifelong power lifter and runner.